Carl Nichols

I’ve been throwing Gateway since I was 4 years old, the Inferno was the first high speed driver I ever threw but once I got my hands on a wizard that immediately became my putter and approach disc. I’ve known Dave Mac all my life and I’ve been around disc golf for 22 years so in those 22 years I’ve been at a 75% gateway bag. Gateway has everything all the other companies and more wouldn’t want to represent any other disc golf company.
Started disc golfing when I was 4. Won my first tournament when I was 9 which was the St. Louis open. From there on I knew I had potential, so I moved to advanced when I was 15 and played in the 2012 St. Louis open and took second place. My dad then said he thinks I was ready to become a pro so I went pro at the age 16. Shortly after I was offered a baseball scholarship which then took my focus away from disc golf and went strictly to baseball. It’s now 2022 I’ve had a 7 year break and I’m returning to be better then ever.
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