Custom Stamping Guide

Custom Stamp Artwork examples


Images should be submitted as black and white, camera-ready art at 300 DPI or higher resolution. This is necessary to achieve a clean stamp. For best results, please provide a vector-based file.

File extensions accepted:
[.ai, .pdf, .eps, .svg, .png, .jpg, .tif, .psd]

Coverage areas:

Avoid solid areas larger than ½”. Large, solid areas cause incomplete stamps when air gets trapped under the foil. Outlining artwork helps in most cases.


Areas that are too small may “bridge” or fill in. Very fine lines in conjunction with solid areas can produce “cut through” from uneven distribution of stamping pressure.


Text size should be 12 points or higher. To avoid letters bridging on to each other, select a font that is well-spaced between each character.

Avoid the center:

If possible, leave the center of the design blank or with very little line work. The sprue, located on the underside, center of a disc can cause drops outs due to an unevenness on the flight plate.

Artwork Sizes:

Mini Disc Print Size: Up to 2.75”

Mini Disc Print Size

Regular Disc Print Size: Up to 5.25”

Regular Print Disc Size