Attention Artists. 

We are hosting an ongoing contest with prizes once a month. Enter by submitting your work on our website and win by sharing your submission from our contest album on facebook. Top ranking artwork will be announced winner for the month. 

Submit your high quality digitized artwork to print on discs in the form below. 

Deadline to submit is the 15th of every month. Late submissions will get uploaded with the next contest. Winners will be announced officially on the 15th of each month. The contest will continue until the end of 2022 and include a prize for all top ranking submissions and thank you gifts for many more entries.  

Art should be at least 8.25 in diameter. 

Month 1 Prize: A free month of our Premier Plus membership! And if the files are approved by the art department you will be a featured artist on a limited edition disc sent to our Premier Plus Members. Additionally selected artists will receive 6 Wizard Diamonds printed with their artwork.