Phil McGuire

Tell us why you love Gateway.: I love Gateway because I’ve been throwing the plastic since day one, and I’ve always been treated like family whenever visiting the shop. I love that my city has it’s own disc golf manufacturer, and an abundance of courses that were designed, sponsored and installed by Gateway Disc Sports. St. Louis!!!

Bio: I’ve been playing disc golf since 2015 when I stumbled across the game by chance in my home town of Rolla, and I immediately fell in love with it. I moved to the St. Louis area in 2016 and became aware of the competitive aspect of the game i.e. leagues and tournaments, and the clubs. I found myself becoming even more enamored with the game and constantly felt the urge to challenge myself to get better. That’s the wonderful thing about this game, it’s just you, your discs, and the basket. Everything else can fade away and one can get lost within themselves on the course. PDGA

Number: 83784

PDGA Rating: 964

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