Winter Wizard
Prize Giveaway

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2022 Winter Prizes

1st Place


$299 + shipping

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2nd Place

25 of your favorite Gateway Disc custom stamped with your own choice of artwork.

$250 Value

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3rd Place

Pro Tour Bag; Holds 20+ discs in two pushes with a variety of other storage features.

$139.99 + Shipping

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4th Prize

Ten Disc Set
Wizard, Shaman, Devil Hawk. Mystic, Warrior, Spear, Blade, Journey, Illusion, and Spirit

$170 Value

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5th Prize

Starter Bag and 
5 Light Green Wizard SSS.

$100 Value

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6th Prize

Five Disc Set
Element, Prophecy, Assassin,
Journey and Illusion

$95 Value

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Giveaway Rules

You must have photographic proof that you participated in/and or purchased a 2022 Winter Wizard Tournament Players Pack to be eligible to win. Video entries will double your odds of winning.

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Six winner's names will be drawn at the end of the winter season. Winners will be announced on Facebook Friday March 18th.