Amphibian (Proto 103) - SureGrip™ Superglow


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The Amphibian (formerly the Proto 103) is a smooth control driver featuring a thicker flight plate and an etched rim; these qualities allow this disc to float on water even up to 175 grams.

Disc's are only stamped with Prototype. The Logo art is still in development. 

A disc that floats on water at max weight!  The Amphibian also has a unique flight. With a flight plate that is close to Maximum thickness the disc has less gyroscopic procession than other molds making it drop out of the air instead of fading.  This makes it great for fairway drives. It hates a headwind, and is generally easy to throw. It holds a line longer than you think it will on high trajectory turnovers. Rolls good too! 

Flight numbers

10 | 5 | -3 | 1

Disc and stamp will vary from image shown. Leave a note with your order if you'd like specific colors. Our team is eager to get you the product you want when available.
Amphibian (Proto 103) - SureGrip™ Superglow
Amphibian (Proto 103) - SureGrip™ Superglow

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