30-Disc GDS Hemp Retailer Bundle


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Gateway Disc Sports Organic Hemp blend 30-Disc starter pack! A great mix of Gateway discs all featuring our exclusive hemp blend of plastic. If you love hemp, you'll love our tradition of sourcing alternative plastics. Because people love to throw what they smoke! The discs also smell like popcorn! But not the microwave type. The kind you melt the butter over where the popcorn shoots out. Jiffy pop-ish, if you will. But hemp. They fly amazing and the hemp additive even provides added durability and flight stability! And when they aren't flying, you and your customers will find ALL the alternative uses for these products including rolling trays, putting your w33d in there, door-stops to keep the RA's out, plates for brownies, playing them as a drum, and a clean place to sit on the ground or sled down a hill after a blizzard. If you love hemp, you'll love rubbing your face against one of these discs after hitting an ace with it. If you love hemp, you'll love:
12-SureGrip Hemp Putters
6-SureGrip Hemp Midranges
6-Hemp Diamond/Hemp HD Drivers
3-Hemp Lil' Wizards
3-Hemp Stash Packs
Authorized Retailers will also receive:
1-Authorized Retailer Sign
3-  Authorized Retailer Stickers
1-Flight Chart Poster

Product will be filled "Mystery Style" with the quantities of discs and mold types listed above. No special requests these are as these are pre-boxed.
Disc and stamp will vary from image shown. Leave a note with your order if you'd like specific colors. Our team is eager to get you the product you want when available.
30-Disc GDS Hemp Retailer Bundle
30-Disc GDS Hemp Retailer Bundle
30-Disc GDS Hemp Retailer Bundle
30-Disc GDS Hemp Retailer Bundle

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