Realm - Cloud Peak Dyes


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Flight Numbers: 12 | 5 |  -1  | 3

The Realm is one of our latest driver prototypes that has been recently PDGA approved! Similar to the Ether, one of the best distance driver molds ever created by Gateway and will be a game changer for anyone looking to throw a full GDS bag.

Similar to a Destroyer, Cloudbreaker, Force, and Emperor the Realm has unmatched glide in this slot while also maintaining resistance to turn making this the ultimate max distance driver for even the biggest arms in the world. This is a must buy for power throwers both forehand and backhand.


Hand Dyed by Cloud Peak Dyes. @cloudpeakdyes

Weight 176

Disc and stamp will vary from image shown. Leave a note with your order if you'd like specific colors. Our team is eager to get you the product you want when available.
Realm - Cloud Peak Dyes

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