About GDS

Gateway Disc Sports was founded in 1994 by David McCormack and built on a passion for growing the sport.  Over the past twenty-five years, Gateway has built over 90 championship caliber courses, supported thousands of tournaments, charity events, players and school clubs.

We are located at:

10855 Metro Ct., Maryland Heights, MO 63043
P: 314 487-5204
Email: office@gdstour.com


About David McCormack

David has played a key role in establishing and growing disc golf in and around St Louis, actively promoting the sport by organizing clubs and managing leagues. And for three decades now, he’s played in, directed and sponsored tournaments both within and outside of the United States.

David McCormack started playing disc golf in 1975 at St. Thomas More grade school before the modern disc golf basket was invented. He designed his first object course around his neighborhood that very same year at the age of 11. He created his first real course, using trees as targets, in 1976 at Endicott Park (baskets were added in 1996). His first basket course was a collaborative effort with Mark Ackerson, Bob Waidman, Bily Downs, among others, at Creve Coeur Park in 1990.

David started playing seriously in 1985, when he was among the first wave of players to go on tour. He’s won over 50 PDGA sanctioned events in 11 different states, and over 200 non- sanctioned events throughout his career. David’s current PDGA rating is 979 (his ball golf handicap hovers around 12).

About Disc Development

As of this writing, David has designed and installed over 90 disc golf courses, with several more currently in the works. He has played over 1060 different courses, and was one of the first inductees into the Missouri Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2016.

Gateway Disc Sports began molding its own discs in 1999 with the release of the Sabre in S (Sure Grip) plastic and became well known around the world in 2002 with its ever-popular putter, the Wizard, which many still consider the greatest disc of all time.

Gateway was also one of the first to produce wide-winged drivers that could resist fierce headwinds — the Speed Demon and Spirit In durable Evolution plastic. Today Gateway Disc Sports boasts over 32 PDGA Approved golf disc models, which the company produces in three blends of plastic: Diamond, Platinum and Sure Grip. Its main putter plastic, Sure Grip, is available in a broad range of flexibilities and surface textures. Its putter line continues to rank near the top in both performance and popularity.

Pushing the envelope

We have always had mother earth in mind when developing our products and
we’ve recently started working with Hemp polymers.
At Gateway, we are always looking for innovative ways to push the envelope - and will continue to do so for years to come.

History of Gateway Disc Sports

1975: David McCormack started playing disc golf.

1976: First disc golf course design by David McCormack.

1985: David became one of the disc golf’s first touring players.

1994: Gateway Disc Sports was founded by David McCormack.

1999: Began molding discs with the release of the Sabre in SureGrip plastic.

2002: Gateway Disc Sports became known world-wide with the release of the Wizard.

2016: David McCormack was inducted in to the Missouri Disc Golf Hall of Fame.