Disc Golf
Course Giveaway

Submit your organization's plan to build a course to be considered.

9 Hole Disc Golf Course Giveaway

Tell us about your organization and how a course would benefit your community. One organization will be selected to work with legendary course designer and owner of Gateway Disc Sports, David McCormack. Gateway will donate 9 Titan-Pro Baskets and help design the placement of tees and production of course signs.

The 2022 Disc Golf Course Giveaway is here!

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Course Designer

David McCormack

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Does the winner actually get the baskets for free?
Yes, the baskets will be shipped directly to you from Gateway Disc Sports.

What's the catch?
Gateway Disc Sports is passionate about the growth of the sport to strengthen the community and thus bettering the world. Helping an organization accomplish this not only makes us feel good it also turns people on to the sport. Which of course is great for us! 

How do I submit my video?
Upload your approximate 90 second video when you fill out the form on this page.

What should I include in my video?
• Tell us about you.
• Share the area where the course will be put in.
• Show us the community support that wants this course put in.
• Give us insight about what makes your idea better or unique compared to others.

• Good things to include in your video are responses, testimonials, quotes, pictures, and proof of support from local government entities (parks and rec, convention and visitors bureau)

What should we do to prepare for a Disc Golf Course?
• Get community support.
• Ask and receive approval from your city, county, etc. to build a course.

When will the winner receive the baskets?
Once everything is approved, we will ship the baskets out promptly. Gateway Disc Sports reserves the right to deny any submission upon our discretion.

Got questions? Submit them to jennc@gdstour.com.