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Download the ai, pdf or eps of our lately logos for the Team and several of our discs.

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Here's a folder of transparent pngs so you can make any photo you want a Gateway profile pic.

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Custom Stamping Guidelines

Please refer to this page for our custom stamping guidelines if you are working on your own artwork.

Allotment Instructions for Gateway team players

A Gift Card will be issued via email for 55% of the value of your disc allotment. This number will cover our costs of goods and allow the order to be properly taxed.  

When you plan to purchase log in with the email that received the gift card. This account is coded with a tag that grants you 55% off when you have over $129.99 in retail value in your cart. This equates to roughly 9-12 discs. 

If you would like to buy a bag:

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If you only want a few discs:


Allotments can not include team player signature discs - if you include one in your order we’ll replace with a similar disc

You will not be able to purchase proprietary brands or team and artist series discs with your allotment. 

• If you want to try a proprietary mold -  add any Mystery Factory 2nd  box to your cart and leave a note to request any proprietary mold. If you wish to purchase, please contact Cory and he’ll create a custom order.  

• We have hopefully set up the system so you won’t have any issues or be in danger of abusing the system. We will still be monitoring the situation carefully. Misuse of the 55% off codes may result in contract termination  

Questions & Support

If you have a question, message Cory (don’t abuse this either)-cory lol. 

If you are having issues checking out with these coupons, please first make sure you are logged in. Try logging out and logging back in and / or do so in a new browser (Chrome seems best), clear your cache and search history and if that doesn’t work unplug your computer for ten minutes, call your best friend, then consider just buying more than 9 discs. After this process has been completed you can reach out to for help troubleshooting.