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We have always had mother earth in mind when developing our products and
we’ve recently started working with Hemp polymers. At Gateway, we are always looking for innovative ways to push the envelope - and will continue to do so for years to come.

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David McCormack

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Gateway Disc Sports
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Scott Stokely visits Gateway.

Gateway Timeline

History of Gateway Disc Sports

1975: David McCormack started playing disc golf.

1976: First disc golf course design by David McCormack.

1985: David became one of the disc golf’s first touring players.

1994: Gateway Disc Sports was founded by David McCormack.

1999: Began molding discs with the release of the Sabre in SureGrip plastic.

2002: Gateway Disc Sports became known world-wide with the release of the Wizard.

2016: David McCormack was inducted in to the Missouri Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

Spring 2021: Construction on the Eagles Crossing Disc Course continues but the course is now open for tournament play.

Summer 2021: David Tours with the PDGA Hall of Fame

Manufacturing WareHouse

10855 Metro Court
Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Not open to the public.
Open by appointment
Mon - Wednesday, 11am - 3pm